Because of our expertise in concrete construction, The CEG companies personnel are frequently asked to investigate concrete structures that may exhibit problems. These assignments sometimes result in court cases or arbitration hearings, but more often they are just to find the best solution for repair. Concrete components in some structures which have been exposed to fires, earthquakes, accidental damage or the destructive effect of the elements and corrosive environments deteriorate over time. The severity and consequences of that deterioration in terms of cost, loss of function and even structural failure are controllable.

Our services are designed to assist you in developing an informed program of timely repairs, corrective actions and ongoing proper maintenance that will extend your concrete structure's useful life.

Our services fall into these major categories:


  • The nature and extent of the deterioration problem, including its likely underlying causes. 


  • A proposal for corrective and preventive action with necessary documents, specifications and overseeing the bidding process.

Project Oversight:

  • Monitoring the aspects of construction as owner's representatives. We provide what-ever services are required to meet your specific needs. We work closely with you to restore your structure and optimize its service life, whether it be a parking structure, stadiums, industrial/ commercial/ residential building, bridge and waterfront structure.

For more information on our investigation services, contact one of the CEG companies or send an email to