Design/Build (D/B) systems represent a structural delivery system in which a single entity is responsible for the design and construction of a facility. In some cases, the concept is extended to include project financing (DIBIF) and facility operation after construction (DIB/F/O). Among the advantages of the DIB system for the Owner are lower costs during the development process and reduced time for completion of the project. A DIB process usually commences with the issuance of a Request For Proposal by the governing agency or private developer.

The RFP document incorporates the project scope of services and other requirements such as garage capacity; the intended users of the facility; a schedule of completion; critical design issues; structural durability; and the financial, regulatory, and construction issues as appropriate. Often firms submitting proposals are asked to submit schematic drawings, outline specifications, project experience, and other required information on the critical issues related to design, construction activities, financing, project quality, etc.

CEG staff members have extensive experience participating in design/build teams.

A typical scope of work for a garage design/build package is likely to include the following programs for development: 

  • Preliminary Project Scope Development 
  • Site conditions - site design 
  • Functional design criteria 
  • Architectural design criteria 
  • Structural design criteria 
  • Operational considerations 
  • Security considerations 
  • Code issues and miscellaneous design requirements 
  • Cost estimates and simplification of construction 
  • Quality assurance standards 

We offer these services during Final Project Scope Development: 

  • Develop schematic plans for review by owner (and public agencies) 
  • Prepare specifications describing the architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, security, and revenue control system requirements 
  • Evaluate cost, construction schedule and various solutions
  • Prepare final plans and specifications
  • Prepare final construction cost estimates 
  • Develop operation/maintenance manuals and operation of procedures

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