Second and Plankinton Parking Structure Restoration

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  • Location:Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Specialty Precast Engineer:The Consulting Engineers Group, Inc. - IL
  • Owner:City of Milwaukee, WI

The 35 year-old Second and Plankinton parking garage is an important asset in a growing entertainment district in the City of Milwaukee, WI.  The city's decision to restore it has resulted in a renewed parking resource that exceeded expectations.  Structural modifications to enhance safety and efficiency involved the repair of all deteriorated slabs, joists, walls, stairwells, and delamination of the slabs and walls of the double-threaded helix.  Construction joints and slab cracks were repaired and sealed, and minor repairs were made to the structure's beams and columns.  Hydro-demolition removed delaminated concrete and prepared the surface for an overlay on the cantilevered helix slabs, the pan joints slab system and on other selected concrete areas.

Preventative measures were developed to reduce future deterioration, including varying the corrosion inhibiting and waterproofing strategies used throughout the garage.  On the cantilevered helix slabs and the pan joist system, epoxy coated reinforcing bars and a micro-silica concrete overlay were applied.  The pan joist slab system on level 2 and 3 also received a traffic-bearing membrane coating.  On the garage's top two levels, the concrete was patched and traffic-bearing membrane coating was applied.  A detailed annual maintenance program was also implemented.

Architectural modifications to the garage were dramatic and complemented surrounding structures.  The north façade features a cityspace with a neon band to create visual interest.  The helix enclosure and railings were painted to soften the interior and complement adjacent buildings.  A brighter and more prominent lobby and offices will better serve patrons and staff.  New signs and graphics were installed to enhance way finding.  Improvements to the interior environment involved painting and lighting.

The results of the restoration have more than exceeded the city's goals.  The quality parking has attracted new businesses, which use the garage for parking.  CEG and the rest of the team received the 2001 "Award of Excellence" for the Parking Structure category from the International Concrete Repair Institute for the rehabilitation of the Second and Plankinton Parking Structure.