NRG Stadium (NFL Houston Texans)

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NRG Stadium (NFL Houston Texans)


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  • Location:Houston, Texas
  • EOR:Walter P. Moore
  • Precaster:Heldenfels Enterprises, Inc.
  • Specialty Precast Engineer:The Consulting Engineers Group, Inc. - TX
  • Architect:HOK
  • Contractor:Manhattan/BEERS Joint Venture

Located next to the Astrodome, the world's first domed stadium, NRG Stadium set new standards for technology and comfort. With the first retractable roof stadium of any NFL franchise, a seating capacity of 69,500, 1478 private luxury suites, spacious lounges and locker rooms. 

Precast concrete played a major role in the construction of NRG Stadium. Heldenfels Enterprises, Inc. of Texas fabricated 1944 riser sections, 148 raker beams, 80 slabs, 122 stair units, and 369 wall panels which were all erected within a 10-month period. 

CEG utilized 3-dimensional drafting techniques to detail many of the complex pieces adjacent to the "super columns". The columns were skewed, sloping, cast-in-place concrete in 3 planes which required the generation of a 3-dimensional model to properly visualize, detail and erect the precast pieces.