Consolidated Theatres

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Consolidated Theatres


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  • Location:Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Precaster:Metromont Prestress Co.
  • Specialty Precast Engineer:Consulting Engineers Group - Illinois
  • Contractor:Shelco Construction Co.
  • Owner:Consolidated Theaters Inc.

This 16-screen, 51,400 square foot complex, features a precast concrete structural system that includes a variety of different types of wall panels, beams, columns and seating units with spans of 35 to 50 feet. The precast riser system creates the effect of stadium-style seating, providing clear sight lines from anywhere in the theaters. Seven-inch insulated and 8-inch solid wall panels were used in the project, which took 10 weeks to erect.

Each theater in the complex consists of precast walls on four sides and a hollowcore mezzanine floor where the projectionist and management offices are located. The precast system was selected for several reasons, says Mike Tribble, vice chairman and the head of LS3P's Charlotte office. Foremost, it was a cost-effective solution that could be achieved on a fast schedule. Using precast concrete cut more than three months from the construction time needed for the owner's earlier projects, he says.

Precast also provided the aesthetic look that was desired. "The use of precast panels enhanced the outside appearance and decreased maintenance," he says. "The material's versatility allowed us to vary the theater size, which was important to the facility's functionality."

During production and erection, manufacturing of precast components was carefully coordinated with the steel roof fabricator, as the panels were load-bearing for the roof, as well as for the seating units. This allowed the structure to have continuous erection. The building's exterior was painted to enhance the reveals cast into the panels, adding visual interest.