CEG Assists the Wilmington Parking Authority

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  • Location:Wilmington, Delaware
  • Specialty Precast Engineer:The Consulting Engineers Group, Inc. - IL

What has 48 lanes, 4,300 spaces and 8 parking facilities?  The answer is the Wilmington, Delaware Parking Authority.  CEG-IL was selected to prepare equipment and performance specifications for a new parking access and revenue control system for the Authority.

The process of providing any parking revenue control begins, like all CEG Companies projects, with a thorough understanding of the client's needs and desires.  To ensure this understanding on the project, CEG-IL met with representatives of the Authority and visited each of the parking facilities.  With the information gathered on these trips to Wilmington, the process of writing a comprehensive set of specifications began in earnest.  First, detailed specifications for each type of revenue control device were developed.  Then, the intended functionality of the equipment was written to explain to the vendors how the equipment was to operate.

Next, the specifications undergo a final review; formal bid documents will be prepared and sent to equipment manufacturers for submission of  a proposal.  CEG-IL assisted the Wilmington Parking Authority in reviewing the proposals and recommending the one that best meets the needs of the Authority.  As the selected vendor installed the new equipment, CEG-IL was there to inspect the work and to ensure compliance with the specifications.

The Wilmington Parking Authority has a state-of-the-art parking access and revenue control system.