Parking Structure Design

From the beginning, our primary design thrust for parking structures has been in concrete, with emphasis on precast and prestressed concrete, which we have found to offer particularly durable and economic parking structures. Some of these structures have been simple and highly economical, others have been elaborate and highly architectural but always with an eye toward satisfying the clients needs and wishes.

While the majority of the parking structures are simple purpose facilities many have been used incorporating special use facilities, such as commercial office space, retail space, board rooms, mechanical/electrical equipment, banking facilities, cooling towers, tennis courts, helistops, ballrooms and kitchen facilities to support major hotels. We have resolved many special conditions required of such structures such as fire separations, water-proofing, seismic detailing and unique structural framing systems.

Our design philosophy used in parking structures is one in which we appreciate the exposure of a parking structure to the elements, and therefore the need to design a building which can react to changes in the temperature and environment, literally be able to "breathe". We are also cognizant of security and maintenance issues which require proper planning and detailing for functional performance.

Our approach to providing design services on any project is to carefully determine the intent and thinking of the client in relation to the appearance and function of the structure and then to roll this into our experience of working on hundreds of parking structures to produce an economical, well performing structure. We recognize the need for continuing coordination with all the members of the team. Our projects include parking structures for office towers, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, governmental buildings, sports and entertainment facilities ranging in size from a few hundred cars to several thousand.

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